Individual Psychotherapy

Sometimes life can be difficult and we need the supportive caring presence of someone who has been professionally trained as a psychotherapist. We hope that our therapeutic work can provide individuals with the safety and security they need at growth points in life’s journey.

The integrative approach to psychotherapy seeks to form a collaborative alliance between therapist and client.  A caring supportive relationship enables a person to explore the issues that brought him or her into therapy.  As we become aware of the patterns rooted in our history (and sometimes in our family’s history) we begin to seek the wisdom hidden behind the wounds and brokenness.  It is not a matter of ‘curing’ or removing the issues, but rather seeing them as symptoms and seeking to understand what the symptom is telling us.  Often we will discover that our wounds and difficulties are also the source of great personal growth, –  inviting us to become more fully the person we were created to become.

In the ‘Little Prince’  St Exupery says;

“Look I beg you, don’t ever stop looking

because what makes the world so lovely

is that somewhere

it hides a well.

A well that hasn’t been found yet

and if you don’t find it maybe nobody will.”

With the supportive presence of the therapist,  in the safety of the therapeutic setting,  client and therapist engage together in the work of therapy  to find this well.